Weather Studies textbook Ed6 - Faculty

Weather Studies textbook Ed6 - Faculty

By: Elizabeth Mills

Publication date: July 2015

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The Weather Studies textbook includes 15 chapters exploring the atmosphere from an Earth-system perspective. In the sixth edition, AMS updated the science and case studies and added new photographs and line drawings. The new edition also includes numerous Topics in Depth, which allow the instructor and students to engage a topic that may serve as a jumping off point from the chapter narrative.

New and expanded topics in the sixth edition include explanation of the scientific method (Chapter 2), Mars missions to explore past presence of liquid water on the planet’s surface and possibilities for life (Chapter 2), the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and National Climate Assessment findings about climate change (Chapters 3 and 15), cloud droplet formation (Chapter 7), remote sensing of precipitation (Chapter 7), snow rollers (Chapter 8), frequency of El Niño and La Niña (Chapter 9), El Niño and coral bleaching (Chapter 9), thundersnow (Chapter 11), transient luminous events (Chapter 11), the 2012 Mid-Atlantic derecho (Chapter 11), Superstorm Sandy (Chapter 12), hot towers (Chapter 12), trends in hurricane frequency (Chapter 12), and computer modeling (Chapter 13). In addition, Chapter 15 underwent a substantive update and most sections are significantly revised or brand new from the fifth edition.

Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Edition: 6th Edition
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Elizabeth Mills

The Associate Director of the American Meteorological Society Education Program, where she has worked for 15 years, Beth is the principal writer of grant proposals, reports, and related journal articles, serves as technical editor for major course publications, and organizes workshops for teachers and minority-serving institution faculty. She holds B.S. and M.S. in Meteorology degrees from Penn State University and is passionate about increasing the scientific literacy of kids through the excitement of the geosciences.

The Weather Studies Faculty Package bundles Weather Studies: Introduction to Atmospheric Science, the Weather Studies eInvestigations Manual and the RealTime Weather Portal. Access to the faculty website is provided directly from AMS Education.

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