Living with Our Changing Climate - rental

Living with Our Changing Climate - rental

By: Chad M. Kauffman

Publication date: August 2014

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Living with Our Changing Climate provides background information on Earth's climate system, climate variability and climate change with the implications for society. Also covered are adaptation and mitigation strategies aimed at countering negative impacts of global climate change, as well as the special role energy usage plays in affecting climate.

Language: English
Publisher: American Meteorological Society
Edition: 1st Edition
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Chad M. Kauffman

Dr. Kauffman is from the California University of Pennsylvania where, as Director of the Meteorology Program and Professor in the Earth Sciences Department, he was an early licensee of the AMS suite of undergraduate courses. He has taught Introduction to Climatology, Synoptic Climatology & Applied Climatology courses throughout his career.

ISBN: 978-1-940033-62-4

Living with our Changing Climate focuses on how we as humans interact with climate and how its variations affect us.

With just 5 chapters, each concept builds on the one before. The first chapter defines in a fundamental way, what climate is and encompasses; it is an overview of climatic processes, distinguishing climate from other dynamic Earth processes. Chapter 2 focuses on our vulnerabilities to changes in climate. Special attention is paid to a selected number of ecosystems also vulnerable to climate change since humans are intricately tied to numerous ecosystems. Given these vulnerabilities, it is important to highlight the numerous mitigation strategies that are being developed by scientists and planners. These concepts are introduced in Chapter 3, especially in the context of human energy usage. Many modes of energy production and usage are presented in this chapter to better understand the role our energy choices make in affecting climate. Chapter 4 focuses on the actions humans can take through policy and other avenues to lessen vulnerabilities to climate changes, as well as introduces various adaptive strategies, while Chapter 5 puts those actions into the political and communication realms.

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